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Mike Brown got five games to prove it can work in LA

The first reaction when the word of Mike Brown’s firing comes across the wire is that it was ridiculously early to make that kind of move. Guy gets a lockout shortened season and five game to prove himself in LA? Five games with Steve Nash injured and Dwight Howard coming off back surgery? Five games? [...]

Mike Brown fires back at Metta World Peace

It would not have been right to write that headline: Mike Brown fires back at World Peace … had to include Metta. Alas, we digress. Yesterday I posted some comments by Metta World Peace about Mike Brown, in which World Peace (he used to be Ron Artest) said Brown was a “stats guy” who he [...]

Welcome to Los Angeles, Mike Brown

Folks in Cleveland remember that Mike Brown was oft-criticized for his offensive approach to basketball — and there is no pun intended in that sentence. Brown is an exceedingly good man whose problem is he’s not Phil Jackson or Doc Rivers. Folks said he was outcoached by Stan Van Gundy one year, then could not [...]