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The CBJ: More bang for your ticket buck!

By Tom

You’re getting an impressive value for your NHL ticket dollar in Columbus.

Secondary ticket marketplace Vivid Seats recently published a report  suggesting that the Columbus Blue Jackets tickets are going for a median price of $75 (average price of $95) on the secondary market.  This places Columbus at 23rd in the league in Vivid’s ranking model, meaning that only seven teams are perceived to be a better ticket dollar value than Columbus.  

Not surprisingly, the Canadian NHL teams have the highest demand.  Toronto is just insane with a median price of $320 per ticket (over four times higher than Columbus!) – that alone suggests the market conditions are ripe to add another team in that market.  Winnipeg is number two, but they’d best start doing some winning if they want to keep that spot on the ladder.  On the U.S. front, Chicago is number three and Pittsburgh is number six.

To further demonstrate the incredible price pressures of the Toronto market, the top-demand individual game ticket involving the Blue Jackets is (surprise!) the CBJ’s game at the Air Canada Center against the Maple Leafs on March 3, 2014.  Median ticket prices are $350, placing it at 20th overall for a single game.  Amazing.

Anyway, the report offers some fun and interesting looks at the economics of hockey at the retail level.  I’ve shared the report below.  Enjoy!

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