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From the NFL Combine: Back to the Joe Banner interview, quick hits

By Pat McManamon

Quick hits from Joe Banner on his philosophy as he builds the Browns …

On players who have a ‘tude: “Somebody that’s a little bit flamboyant but is a really hard worker and really badly wants to be the best he can be and really wants to be on a winning team doesn’t scare me. Players who have off-field problems or aren’t driven to be great, we will stay away from. So it’s more of an attitudinal thing.” Terrell Owens anyone?

On players with a history of injury: “I don’t know how many teams do this, but we will put a grade for durability for every player in free agency and the draft.”

Is the sixth pick too high to take a guard: “If he was really Jon Hannah, maybe not.”

On how many impact players a team needs to win: “I don’t know the answer to that. The flip of that is more important. You have to have 22 players in which none are weak enough to get exploited. The league’s too good, the coaches are too smart. If you find yourself in a position of any of the 22 where you actually have a weak player, you’re in trouble.” Asked how many Browns right now are solid, Banner smiled and said: “Nice try.”

All in all, his interview was informative, interesting and candid. He promised he’d be truthful, though he added he might not always be able to answer. But he took every question, and didn’t quibble with any angle.

Pretty refreshing.

Clearly Banner is in his element doing this kind of thing, explaining how he thinks and what he plans. The key now is going out and doing it.

Because as Banner understands and everyone who follow the Browns knows, some of this has been heard before. Several times.

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