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From the NFL Combine: An interesting way to evaluate a player

By Pat McManamon

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert said how a player handles the media is part of his assessment.

“ometimes if we haven’t spoken to a player, I will actually look for his information via the internet, maybe some interviews they have done during their college days,” he said.

The reason: How a player handles himself with the media can indicate how confident he is, and how he will handle himself with teammates.

Too, dealing with the media is part of a player’s job. It’s in the contract, and the league mandates a player be available and accessible — even though some teams don’t seem to believe it.

“It’s a good starting point if we haven’t seen or spoken to a player, which we haven’t to this point, except for a few at the Senior Bowl,” Colbert said. “So even after we visit with a player, we may want to further examine to know how he deals with the media, because that’s going to be a big part of how he’s going to be able to perform as a professional football player.”

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