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Form the NFL Combine: On Ray Horton and mirroring the Steelers defense

By Pat McManamon

Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton was praised by several folks who know him, including Cardinals coach Bruce Arians and Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert. Smart, organized, driven … all words used to describe Horton.

Horton has said the Browns defense will be a mirror image of the Steelers.

There is one key difference: Dick LeBeau is in Pittsburgh.

Colbert was asked why some teams don’t have the same success with their three-four defenses as the Steelers.

“The difference is coach LeBeau and his knowledge,” Colbert said. “There are other teams who try to run the three-four, in the NFL and college, and a lot aren’t as successful as coach LeBeau. Through the years you have to give him credit, what he’s able to do year in and year out. The one difference is him. He’s been the one constant.”

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