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Bosh gets nod over Kyrie as All-Star starter

By Sam Amico

In case Cavaliers fans didn’t despise Miami enough, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra decided against starting point guard Kyrie Irving in the All-Star Game.

Instead, Spoelstra, the coach of the Eastern Conference team, will start Heat power forward Chris Bosh. Spoelstra officially named Bosh the starter Friday. Bosh is replacing injured Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.

Because Irving plays the same position as Rondo, many Cavs fans figured Irving would be the natural replacement. But Spoelstra said his loyalty is to the Heat — and he therefore will start Bosh alongside Miami’s LeBron James, New York’s Carmelo Anthony and Boston’s Kevin Garnett in the frontcourt. Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade will man the backcourt.

Spoelstra will then bring his two legitimate point guards, Irving and Philadelphia’s Jrue Holiday, off the bench.

As for as starting lineups go, Spoelstra’s choice makes little sense. But it does make sense that he wants to keep Bosh happy and make him the starter. Spoelstra, Bosh and the Heat have an entire second-half of the season and playoff run to survive together.

With that in mind, the Heat coach doesn’t really care about the Cavs and their fans — or even want fans nationwide may want.

Basically, Spoelstra is taking the right approach. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

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