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Indians flex past muscle for 2013 bobblehead promotion

By Pat McManamon

The Indians announced their list of promotions this season, and buried amidst fireworks and dollar hot dogs is an Albert Belle Bobblehead night.

Yes, the Indians will honor Belle and another of the greats of the ‘90s with bobbleheads – Belle on June 1 and Omar Vizquel on July 8.

And the bobblehead of Belle will have him pointing to his bicep.


And truly.

The reference goes back to the 1995 playoffs, when Boston manager Kevin Kennedy asked umpires to check Belle’s bat, believing it was corked. Belle flexed, pointed to his bicep and said “right (bleep) here.”

The bat was checked, it wasn’t corked, and the Indians won the series before going to lose to Atlanta in the World Series.

The scene became so well-known that when Belle visited the Indians last spring training, Shin-Soo Choo saw reporters talking to him, stopped, flexed and pointed to his bicep.

There is no word on whether the bobblehead will have cork.

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