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Some more on Michael Bourn — and a little on Trevor Bauer

By Pat McManamon

A couple more Indians topics from varying spots … as we go all-in about the Indians, at least for a day:

Detroit’s Justin Verlander sounded just as surprised as anyone at the agreement with Michael Bourn, saying: “I find it interesting that Cleveland’s buying when they were fourth (last year), although they must feel like they’re close. And I know they play us tough every year.”

Bourn evidently turned down almost the exact same offer from the Mets.

The Indians will use Bourn in center, Michael Brantley in left, Drew Stubbs in right, Nick Swisher at first base and Mark Reynolds as the DH. This gives the Indians perhaps the best defensive outfield in baseball, and brings some much-needed speed to the top of the order. Swisher told the Plain Dealer’s Paul Hoynes that he was told when he signed that he would be playing first base.

Finally, Arizona catcher Miguel Montero had some harsh things to say about Trevor Bauer, the pitcher the Indians acquired in the Shin-Soo Choo trade. Montero told a Phoenix radio station that Bauer is way too big for his britches, “thinks he’s got everything figured out,” and said: “Good luck to Carlos Santana there.” Ouch. Bauer could be one of Terry Francona’s biggest challenges … err … projects.

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