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On Signing Day, please don’t do this

By jeff

The following photo is of an RV parked outside of Franklin County High School, home of Ryan Timmons;



Timmons is a four-star wide receiver, and will announce his decision at 1pm on Tuesday.

While we as fans want the best high school athletes to go to our favorite universities, let’s keep in mind that these are 17-year-old kids. They’ve got enough pressure on this decision, and fans are often way over the line with their behavior. Following them to school and equating their college choice to being a “hero” is way over the line.

Back off, please.

Be a fan, follow their recruitment, cheer them on….but stay out of their way during this whole process. They’ve got enough going on without having to worry about Joe Six-Pack bothering them at their high school.

That goes for your activity on Twitter, too.  Leave the kids alone.

- Jeff Seemann, FOX Sports Ohio

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