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More interesting stuff on Le return of LeBron

By Pat McManamon

Well, this is interesting.

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, whose ins with the NBA are many and who has followed the LeBron James saga as well as anyone — including when being negative was required, weighs in with some heavy remarks that further embellish the storyline that James will return to Cleveland in 2014.

It’s a story that has been reported before — including well and early by my colleague Sam Amico (@SamAmicoFSO) — but has some insights from a more than credible guy. Wornarowski details how James’ move to Miami led to a change in the CBA, which is leading to teams simply not being able or willing to afford loading a team with superstars.

Two highlights:

James’ agent and childhood friend, Rich Paul, born and raised and still living in Cleveland, has been privately telling people for two years of his intrigue with bringing the prodigal son back as the conquering hero in Cleveland. … “(Pat) Riley has never given them the run of the place in Miami,” one high-level associate of James’ inner-circle said, “and they could all be back in business together in Cleveland. For Rich and [business manager] Maverick [Carter], they all see the benefits of getting the credit for bringing LeBron home again.”

Which of course begs the question: Do they expect the run of the place if they come back to Cleveland?

The other higlight:

James has been thinking about a return to Cleveland for most of his time with the Heat, including the night of his cable TV special. He had second-guessed himself that night, but once Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert released that vitriolic letter, James understood: There was no turning back. Rich Paul has stayed back in Cleveland to run his business and now represents (Tristan) Thompson, the Cavaliers’ young forward. …┬áJames’ associates had been feeling out members of the Cavaliers organization on a possible return in 2014.

Well, then.

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