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Pat Shurmur ended his news conference eloquently remembering the people in Connecticut

By Pat McManamon

The Browns lost a game on Sunday.

Obviously there were far more serious events that took place in Connecticut, and Pat Shurmur talked about it eloquently as he finished his news conference. Everything he said was appropriate and well-stated:

The events this week in Connecticut, we obviously were affected by it like the rest of the world, not intimately like the people in Newtown. It’s very disturbing stuff.

I know that our players have talked about it a bunch. We’ve talked about it together.

We’d like to send out our thoughts and prayers to everyone that was directly involved. I think we all know that in some indirect way we’re all involved.

If we can learn anything from it, let’s not leave anything unsaid. If you’ve got an opportunity to hug your child, let’s not let anything go because tomorrow and anything happening tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Our thoughts and prayers go to everyone in Newtown that’s been affected. … I think it’s very important that the folks there know that we’re thinking about them.

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