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Holmgren speaks

By Barry McBride

Even though I’m now irretrivably immersed as a member of the jackal media, my background is in engineering, and that way of thinking stays with me.

Engineering is built on simple concepts built on top each other and made increasingly complex until something cool (preferably with blinking lights) is created. Engineers start with the basics: One and one makes two. Voltage is equal to current times resistance. Girls are unfathomable and probably dangerous. And so on. All provable stuff.

This background makes it inexplicable to me that Mike Holmgren could in any way be surprised by the rough treatment he got from the local press last year, given the way that he makes himself available to the media.

The Team’s President was available to the media yesterday, though. Sort of. He did an interview on a Seattle radio station (again), and then an “interview” on the team’s house radio program.

Cause, effect. One and one, two.

In any event, here’s what I gleaned from the one-on-one in the quiet studio in team’s Berea facility:

– Mike didn’t go to the Super Bowl, but would have gone if he was coaching it or the Browns were in it. He thought there would be more scoring.

– Brad Childress is a swell guy, and will be a terrific offensive coordinator.

– It’s really hard to let the other team score but there are certain situations where it’s the best way to win.

– Mike really enjoyed calling plays, but employed a sort of scheme in his head coaching days where he would “merge” his game plan with other independent game plans done by assistant coaches.

– New secondary coach Tim Hauck is a “tough guy” who made a lot of his abilities as a player.

– This draft is important.

– Mike is proud of Cortez Kennedy.

If you were expecting insight as to how aggressive the team is going to be improving their roster this off-season, tough luck.

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