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Irving out, Gibson cleared, Thompson masked

By Sam Amico

The Cavaliers provided an injury update Monday, and the news wasn’t good. With point guard  Kyrie Irving, a potential All-Star, the Cavs are 2-8. Now they get to find out how good they are without him, and for potentially a month. Here is the Cavs’ official injury breakdown:

Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving received an MRI and CT Scan of his contused left index finger (third quarter of Saturday night’s game at The Q vs. Dallas) Monday at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health.  The results of the MRI and CT Scan revealed a hairline/non-displaced fracture in the finger. The injury will be treated with taping and a splint. He is currently projected to be out for the next four weeks while the fracture heals, and is scheduled to be re-evaluated in two weeks. His status will be updated as appropriate at that point.

Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson has a contused right elbow, suffered in Saturday’s game at The Q vs. Dallas. He continued to play and be available for play during that game. He traveled with the team to Philadelphia, and continued to receive treatment immediately prior to the Sunday game vs. Philadelphia during the first quarter in the locker room. He returned to the bench for the remainder of the game, but did not play. Gibson underwent an x-ray and MRI today at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health, both of which were negative. He is cleared to play.

Cavaliers forward/center Tristan Thompson experienced a nasal contusion during the second quarter of the game in Philadelphia on Sunday.  An x-ray at the Cleveland Clinic today revealed a nasal fracture. He will have a protective mask fitted and is projected to be ready to play in Wednesday’s game at The Q, also vs. the Sixers.

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