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The Holmgren situation

By Pat McManamon

At the risk of being repetitive, I was not in Dallas on Sunday and did not see it, but many reports had Browns former president Mike Holmgren yukking it up with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The two are friends, so they can yuk it up anywhere they like.

But on the same day this happened, Ed Werder of ESPN reported that the one job Holmgren would leave retirement for would be Dallas. This of course came after a report that Holmgren would seriously consider coaching the Cowboys if Jason Garrett were fired. And after Holmgren “denied” that report by saying he had never talked to Dallas — even though nobody ever said he had.

Call me a cynic, but it sure feels like this is already all set up.

I mean, Holmgren addressed the issue by saying he didn’t know his future and he’d never talked to the Cowboys, but nobody questions his future is uncertain and nobody every said he talked to Dallas.

What the heck?

It’s becoming apparent that folks believe Garrett pretty much has to have a miraculous finish to return, and if he doesn’t Jones will go for the big name in Holmgren.

If that happened, and it is a big if, the guy who would not coach the Browns and instead hired Pat Shurmur would come out of retirement to coach the Cowboys.

Methinks Browns fans would find this a tad insulting.

Do I know this will happen for sure?


But this is lining up like a classic NFL scenario, with a guy keeping his distance and answering reports with non-denial denials and then acting surprised when things come together.

Maybe it won’t happen.

But rarely have the stars seem so aligned for something to happen.

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