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The NFL will be busy clarifying a lot of stuff this week

By Pat McManamon

The Browns were not happy with several calls that went against them against Baltimore.

Coach Pat Shurmur phrased it this way, by saying he would seek “clarification.”

Which basically means that he was incensed and he wants the league to explain things.

The first came on the second of those infernal third-and-1 plays that seem to cause the Browns so much trouble. On the play, the Browns ran Josh Gordon up the field to essentially run a pick while Chris Ogbonnaya ran up the sideline for a big catch. Obonnaya was wide open, and Brandon Weeden just overthrew him. Didn’t matter, though, because Gordon didn’t make his pick look like anything legitimate. He ran right into a defender, and the official called the penalty on Gordon, a call that Shurmur clearly did not appreciate. It sure seemed like that call could have gone either way.

Later, on the Ravens game-winning drive, T. J. Ward was flagged for a roughing the passer penalty for hitting Joe Flacco “above the neck,” as Jeff Triplette said.

Ward disagreed, saying: “I didn’t touch his head.”

“My chest hit him in the shoulder,” Ward said. “My arm hit him in the back shoulder. Didn’t touch his head.”

What did Shurmur see?

“I saw it live and then I happened to see a couple replays, probably just like you guys,” he said. “And they marked off 15 yards against us.”

OK then.

Earlier, Ogbonnaya was flagged for lining up wrong when the Browns finally got a touchdown on a pass to Josh Gordon. Weeden stood in strong, took a shot, and threw a perfect pass. Except Ogbonnaya was the eighth guy on the line.

“That was a penalty,” Shurmur said.

Ogbonnaya said he thought the official indicated he was OK — it’s typical for players to ask — so he ran his route.

Evidently the official disagreed.

Finally, the Browns also were flagged for having 13 on the field in Baltimore’s game-winning drive.

“I’m going to get some clarification because when teams substitute you’re allowed to substitute as well,” Shurmur said.

It’s simply mind boggling that a team would have a penalty for 13 guys on the field, and would need to waste three timeouts because it can’t get the plays in on time. Mind boggling.

It would seem there will be a lot of clarifying going on in the NFL office this week.

Unfortunately, none of the clarifying will clarify the final score.

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