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The season of hope?

By Tom

It might last only a couple of days, but I’m feeling a tad optimistic about things hockey- and Columbus Blue Jackets-related – right now.

First, the CBJ appear to be serious about bringing former St. Louis Blues president John Davidson into the fold.  Is he the premier hockey executive alive?  Maybe, maybe not.  Is he the premier hockey executive on the open market?  Probably.  And the CBJ are pursuing him, which pleases me to no end as a strong front office is worth its weight in gold to a professional sports franchise.

Second, the NHL made what appears to be a more conciliatory proposal on those dreaded core economic issues to the players.  It doesn’t look to be the type of thing that the players will drop everything, shake hands, sign paperwork and be on the ice by noon…but it’s a sign of movement where there was none.
I appreciate that there are hazards and pitfalls in both situations – Davidson could stiff the Blue Jackets at any point as they hopefully head to the altar, and the NHL Players Association’s letter could turn out to be that much more than just hot air – but you caught me on a good day.  
You see, the Dark Blue Jacket world brightened considerably over the last 10 days.  First, one of my DBJ blog co-writers, Morgan, announced that his betrothed delivered a beautiful baby girl into the world last week.  Then, Mrs. DBJ surprised all of us with an early present of twins – a boy and a girl – on Monday!
Sure, the lack of NHL hockey is a major frustration for sports fans, especially hockey fans.  Not having those games a few nights a week to look forward to is a bummer (and I was looking forward to having hockey to watch while doing a few of the many, many feedings that twins will demand).  But nothing – and I mean nothing – in the world can wipe the smile off of a dad’s face when the newborn(s) come.
Thus, it’s time to live it up.  The sun is always shining, opportunities are endless, people get along…and we’re going to get NHL hockey again.  Surely it has to happen.
Will I say the same when I turn into a sleep-deprived, bitter mess?  Not so sure.  They’d better finish up that CBA as soon as possible – and the CBJ need to get J.D. a desk on Nationwide Boulevard, too!
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