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RG3 Sparks my Irrational Fears

By Barry McBride

Idle thoughts while avoiding Super Bowl pre-game shows:

– You’ll have to excuse me if I am gripped by a higher-than-normal level of irrational fear provoked by this SI article on Robert Griffin Tres. In the article, Griffin is overt about wanting to be the top pick in the draft, laying down an unlikely gauntlet in front of Andrew “Sure Thing” Luck. Call it the Derrick Williams effect, but I tend to look askance at players who loudly challenge for the number one draft pick.

While Banks says all the right things about Griffin’s competitiveness and friendliness towards Luck, I have to admit I prefer my quarterbacks to be quietly confident rather than in anyone’s face. I’m not big on players who claim they should be the top pick because, well, they had plenty of opportunity to prove they deserved that status and failed. While Griffin can improve his standing in the Combine, I don’t see him passing by Luck based on his sheer athleticism.

On the flip side, I remember Donovan McNabb being peevish about not getting the respect he thought he deserved back in 1999, and his career turned out alright.

– I am rooting for the Patriots today over the Giants, simply because I don’t want to see a 9-7 team win the Super Bowl. Beyond that, it’s Boston-vs-New York, *yawn*, who cares…. I can’t get emotionally involved in a battle between two sports-spoiled cities in SB IVL or XXXXVI or whatever, since the epic Detroit-Cleveland Super Bowl is being reserved for Super Bowl Fifty.

But I can pretend that I’m defending the integrity of the NFL’s regular season by refusing to support a team that won just two more games than it lost. After all, the NFL is intent on turning itself into Arena Football, not the NHL.

– Apparently, the draw of the tutor of Steve Young and Brett Favre, as well as McNabb, is a bit overstated. The Sun Sentinel claims that Matt Flynn puts Miami and Seattle at the head of the pack per Aaron Rodgers. The combined horsepower of Holmgren, Shurmur, and Childress isn’t enough to outweigh some sunny weather and Pete Carroll? Perspective, Matt, perspective.

– Building off this thread on the OBR, I have to admit that my big four at #4 right now would be Luck, Griffin, Claiborne, and Blackmon. Get one of those four, and watch the team’s 2012 outlook improve immediately.

So much of the NFL today has be built around the passing game that a team has to have some stars to create it or stop it in order to compete. Look at today’s Super Bowl and much of the playoffs: Without a franchise QB and some stud receivers, or top corners, you can forget being competitive in today’s Arena National Football League. It used to be run or stop-the-run. Now it’s pass or stop-the-pass.

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