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Greg Little: Losing means he’ll give up Usain Bolt pose

By Pat McManamon

Usain Bolt will be no more during Cleveland Browns games.

Greg Little said in the Browns locker room after practice that he’s not going to do “the Bolt pose” after first downs because it’s being perceived negatively. And it’s being perceived negatively because Little is posing while the Browns are losing.

“I think,” Little said, “if we were 3-0 I think everybody would be doing the pose, but we’re 0-3 so everybody does not want to see that.”

He may, though, continue to signal first down.

“I’ll change it,” he said. “Just give the normal point-with-one-finger, I guess. Like everybody else does.”

Fans can rest easier knowing that will happen and they will be able to tell when Little makes the first down.

To Little, the problem is not the pose. The problem is the losing. He said he understands why his pose is viewed selfishly. It’s “because we’re losing,” he said.

“I think if we had 21 first downs I don’t think we’d be having this conversation,” he said. “But it is what it is so …”

He also acknowledged that fans were angry when he danced in the end zone after a touchdown catch against Cincinnati, but he said the TD brought the Browns close. Little said coach Pat Shurmur talked to him, but he did not want to share the discussion. Shurmur said he’s talked to Little often, and bristled at any hint that he and the coaching staff are not working with Little.

“I just feel like we didn’t have the start to the season that we wanted to have,” Little said. “And I think this is being looked at as a negative thing. I never wanted this to happen, where the pose took a negative spin. If it manifests in that way, I just won’t do it anymore.”

Little also addressed his dropped passes, saying the drops are magnified because they’ve come in key situations — especially on third down.

Shurmur, though, said he can’t play anyone who doesn’t catch the football.

Asked if he expected to start Thursday night in Baltimore, Little said: “Yeah. For sure.”

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