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Cavs redesign courtside scorer’s table

By Sam Amico

For those interested in the business side of sports, there’s an interesting article in SportsBusiness Journal about the Cavaliers’ plans for a new courtside design.

Basically, the Cavs are replacing their 40-foot scorer’s table with a 24-foot version, and two eight-footers on each side, to maximize advertising on television broadcasts. Ads are displayed prominently on scoreboards in every arena, but the Cavs’ new setup is similar to that of the Celtics and Knicks.

“One of the goals when I got here was to increase value to our sponsors by making sure we can offer more broadcast exposure,” Brad Sims, the team’s new senior vice president and chief revenue officer for the Cavs, told SBJ.

Eighty-one of the Cavs’ 82 regular-season games will be broadcast on FOX Sports Ohio.

Here is the complete article on the Cavs’ courtside reconfiguration from SBJ: Cavs rethink scorer’s table with ads in mind.

The team opens training camp Oct. 1 in Independence.

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