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A bright side for the Bengals?

By Zac

BALTIMORE – The Bengals stunk Monday night and got shelled, 44-13, in Baltimore.

That’s the bad news.

There’s not much good news besides the fact it was just one game, one game that’s now mercifully and thankfully over.

The Bengals played well for a quarter, maybe a little more, but they didn’t do much of anything consistently well.

Still, they earned some praise from Ravens coach John Harbaugh. Somehow.

It might be classic Coachspeak. It might be genuine.

Either way, here it is. John Harbaugh on the Bengals: “That’s a good offense. That game got out of hand for whatever reason, but the score is not indicative of the way that game was played.

“It’s not indicative of what’s going to happen over the course of the season. That’s a very good football team (the Bengals). They ran the ball on us well. They’ve got great talent outside.”

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