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Random thoughts on the Browns releasing Wallace and Moore

By Pat McManamon

The Browns might not release their list of cuts until after midnight tonight.

Word will leak about some – as it’s done already – but the Browns won’t make it official until later.

The reason: The team does not want its players known to the public until they are known to all NFL teams, which usually takes about three hours.

The Browns wait because they feel that gives them a little bit of a head start on trying to bring back released players to the practice squad.

Too, if other teams hear the names through the media, then another team might get a jump on a specific player the Browns want to bring back.

Some teams hold back the names, many do not. And many of the many who simply release the names actually win games.

My personal opinion is it’d be nice if the Browns just gave their fans the list of moves, but that’s the way the team is going to handle it.

These guys aren’t the Navy Seals who attacked Bin Laden. They’re football players.

In other matters …

–There is no NFL rule or requirement, by the way, that teams have to make releases public by a certain time. It’s pretty much the decision of the team.

–This falls in line with the lack of information about injuries in preseason. The Browns don’t have to say a word about them in preseason, but it sure would be nice if they did. Teams know the day of an injury how long a guy may miss, and usually it’s more than “sore from the game.” Do they have to say more? No. Would it be nice if they did? Hate to answer a question with a question, but wouldn’t it be nice to know the prognosis about Trent Richardson?

–Colt McCoy’s first three throws against the Bears backups last night went this way. He led Greg Little right into a safety, and a hit that could have sent Little to the hospital. He threw a four-yard completion to Travis Benjamin on third-and-7. He threw high to Jordan Norwood and the pass was intercepted. As my Irish grandmother would say, saints preserve us.

–The Browns response to the situation was to release Seneca Wallace on Friday. Wallace probably is happy, because he never seemed happy with the Browns. This move – at this time – makes it seem like McCoy will be the backup. Good luck to the Browns handling that situation, because when Weeden throw his first two interceptions in a game or when the Browns get off to a bad start, the outcry for McCoy to play will be large.

–The Browns will find themselves in the same position they’ve been in the past about quarterbacks, and they’d have done it to themselves by releasing Wallace and keeping McCoy. Wallace would have accepted the backup role this season; McCoy will want to play. He’ll be a good teammate, but the undercurrent will be there, jus t as it’s been there throughout preseason.

–The team also released safety David Sims and tight end Evan Moore. The move with Moore was only a surprise because the Browns extended his contract a year ago. He had fallen behind Ben Watson, Jordan Cameron and Alex Smith because Smith can block and Moore struggled with his. For whatever reason, Shurmur and Moore did not mesh. Sims impressed at safety, but was let go – or at least he made it seem that way he posted “Bye Bye Cleveland!” on Twitter. No word on the reason for the exclamation point.

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