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FOX Sports Ohio + CannonFest? Yes, please!

By Tom

I’ve been excited at the prospects of FOX Sports Ohio’s planned involvement with CannonFest 2012 for some time, and it’s high time to start sharing why I feel that way.

But let’s recap for the good of the order:  The Columbus Blue Jackets blogging community has held a late summer afternoon of hockey talk in Ohio’s capital city for the past couple of years.  With the help of our partner fan groups like the Jacket Backers and the Arch City Army, some pretty sizable crowds have gathered to munch on servings from the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, indulge in a fine beverage or two, watch some great CBJ fan videos made by our own Tom “Skraut” Larrow and talk about how the offseason moves will impact the season to come.

We promise you all that this year…and more.  FOX Sports Ohio – the television broadcast partner of the Columbus Blue Jackets – has expressed an interest in getting involved in CannonFest.  After a few conversations and a little planning on all ends, I think we’ve got a couple great ways to make that happen.

First, FSO’s roving fan ambassadors, the FOX Sports Ohio Girls, will be taking a break from baseball revelry to jump back into the hockey world with us at CannonFest!  I had a chance to meet Sara and Hallie last season (Kristine wasn’t on board yet), and they are two of the nicest folks out there…and pretty serious CBJ fans as well!   The FSO Girls will be hanging out with us throughout the afternoon, so bring a camera and make a point to say hi!

Also, FOX Sports Ohio’s Digital Content Manager (and my boss), Barry McBride, is making the drive down from Cleveland to meet the CBJ faithful and give everyone present a taste of FSO’s in-game, online complement to their Blue Jackets broadcasts, NHL Game Connect.  I’ve had a chance to toy with the system last season, and it is a wonderful tool for statistics fans and social media mavens alike.  Barry is dying to preview NHL Game Connect for the first time in front of the Blue Jackets’ most diehard fans…knowing what I know and having seen what I’ve seen, I can say with some authority that this sneak preview alone is worth the drive over to B-Dubs in Grandview.  (And then there’s the food, the videos, the giveaways…)

If you’re interested in attending CannonFest – and everyone is welcome – make a note of the date/time/location and plan on joining us! As a courtesy to the organizers and our hosts at Buffalo Wild Wings, we’re asking that you register your attendance plans by signing up for free tickets at our EventBrite page.  This allows B-Dubs to staff themselves appropriately and gives your volunteer organizing team a sense of what type of crowd to plan for.  We won’t exclude you if you don’t get the free tickets but sure would appreciate the courtesy of knowing that you are attending!

We’re just over a week away…hope to see every Columbus Blue Jackets fan at CannonFest 2012!


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