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The waiting game

By Tom

So much happening, yet nothing happening at all.

Yup, we’re at that point of the offseason where enough teams are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs picture that rumor mills are starting to churn with notions on which teams will draft which teenagers and, perhaps more importantly for 2012-13, which teams will trade players or sign free agents.  Some teams are also looking at front office remodeling, and not necessarily of the “new couches and desk chairs” type.

With the Columbus Blue Jackets, it appears to be all of the above.

The NHL Draft is coming up on June 22nd and 23rd in Pittsburgh.  The Blue Jackets sent some of their front office and scouting team to Toronto for the combine, and here’s what Blue Jackets GM had to say about it.

As playoff contenders come up short in this defense-first playoffs, the eyes of anemic-scoring teams like the New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers and San Jose Sharks, among others, are wandering to Columbus, where team captain Rick Nash is still available for trade.  As for free agents (and other possible trades for that matter), I think it’s fair to presume that all options are on the table when your team is coming off a season where you’re 26th in scoring and 28th in goals allowed when compared against a 30-team National Hockey League.  The free agent signing period starts on July 1 (when season contracts expire), and some teams have even started making trades.

Then there’s the somewhat curious interview conducted on May 29 by Blue Jackets majority owner John P. McConnell and team president Mike Priest with St. Louis Blues team president John Davidson.  But for what role?

All this activity…but nothing concrete to analyze.  Kids haven’t been drafted, players haven’t been acquired and John Davidson is still an employee of the Blues.

As I said…so much happening, but nothing at all.

Hang in there, Blue Jackets fans.  The dam is going to burst soon.  And when it does (most likely sometime in the week leading up to the draft), we’ll have plenty to discuss.

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