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Pucks ‘n’ Stuff – Erick’s incredible CBJ collection

By Tom

Welcome to a new, periodic feature of Dark Blue Jacket Plus: Blue Jackets Pucks ‘n’ Stuff.  This is the continuation of a blog I started last offseason.  It serves to highlight the stuff that’s sitting on our shelves, in our shoeboxes and on our walls. It’s the quirky history of the Columbus Blue Jackets brought to life.

Pucks ‘n’ Stuff is about YOU, Blue Jackets Fan.  If this feature is going to work, I’ll need your help. Email your photos of CBJ-signed pucks or other memorabilia – preferably by players no longer with the team – or other unique Blue Jackets merchandise (like a CBJ wives cookbook?) to me at darkbluejacket [at] sbcglobal [dot] net, and I’ll post ‘em for you. If you happen to have a story about how you got the puck, or a favorite recollection of the ex-Blue Jacket whose memorabilia that you’re sending, feel free to share it as well and I’ll post.

Over time, we’ll have a place where we can share our memories of our favorite NHL team, the Columbus Blue Jackets. Carry The Flag!



We’ll kick off DBJ Plus’ Pucks ‘n’ Stuff with one of the most impressive collections of CBJ memorabilia that I’ve ever seen, that of reader Erick.  What’s his story, you ask?  What possesses a person to go hog-wild and accumulate so much Blue Jackets goodness?  Glad you asked…

The Blue Jackets mean more to me than I could possibly express, but most of all the it means having a professional sports team in my hometown. It all started for me when Columbus was awarded an NHL franchise. It continued in 2000 when the CBJ played their inaugural game against the Blackhawks at Nationwide Arena. Ever since then I have been to hundreds of Blue Jackets games cheering on the Jackets through all the highs and lows. I’m now a Blue Jackets partial season ticket holder. This coming up season will be my 6th season as a STH. Living in Columbus and going to several CBJ games I’ve seen how passionate fans are in Columbus. Knowing how great the fans are has helped me grow into the hockey fan that I am.

I have started to collect Blue Jackets memorabilia. To me this is my way to document the memories I make. On one of my walls I have a Blue Jackets team poster from each season, which helps to remember every team in CBJ history. I will continue to collect Blue Jackets memorabilia and I hope to someday have a “Mini” Blue Jackets museum.

So let’s take a tour of this museum while still under construction!  (Technical note: This is the first time that I’ve created a video from the photo montage, and the captioning drops out quickly.  Make sure to press “pause” to read about the pieces on display.)

Perhaps some of the most interesting memorabilia photos that I’ve seen, however, are these pair of snapshots of Erick’s game tickets from over the years…including 4 road games!

Here’s what he had to say about the tickets:

The stack doesn’t look like much, but there are over 200 tickets there!

I have the 20-Game STH Package. I can’t afford a full season unfortunately. I go to at least 20 games a season if not more. The only season that I didn’t go to at least 20 games was the Inaugural season. Mainly because it was so difficult to get tickets that season.

What a fantastic collection of memorabilia…and memories.  Thanks for sharing, Erick!

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