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Source: Lakers would seek PG if they land Beasley

By Sam Amico

Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune spoke with Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley about the trade rumors that Beasley continues to dominate.

According to Zgoda, the latest involves the T-Wolves, Lakers and Trail Blazers — and would send Beasley to the Lakers, Jamal Crawford from the Blazers to Wolves, and Steve Blake from the Lakers to Blazers.

“I’d love to stay here,” Beasley told Zgoda. “It don’t make it no easier if I’ve got to up and move. I got a nice-sized house with a lot of things inside of it, but I’d rather stay. If I’ve got to go, it’s just business.”

And, yes, if this deal goes through, the Lakers would likely follow with a move for another point guard. And, yes, they would be more willing to part with one of their two first-round picks with a young talent like Beasley in the fold, according to a source familiar with the Lakers’ thinking.

In fact, the source said, it would be “a major surprise” if the Lakers didn’t “act quickly” in trying to obtain a guard to replace Blake.

Update: It appears the Lakers will send one of their first-rounders to Portland in the deal. If that’s the case, their point guard needs are not likely to be met.

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