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From the NFL Combine: Chip Kelly talks, and evidently he didn’t “fit” with the Browns

Chip Kelly met the media Thursday for the first time since he spurned the Browns and left Oregon to coach the Eagles.

Kelly was engaging, confident and even challenging when he didn’t like a question (“I didn’t say that” he told one of the media gaggle, twice).

Kelly also called any report that he was close to signing with the Browns “erroneous.”

“That was a quote from Wedding Crashers,” he added.

And he said he thought the Eagles were simply his “best fit.”

Finally, he said he and Pat Shurmur “hit it off right away,” which was part of the reason Shurmur was hired to be the Eagles offensive coordinator.

“Extremely intelligent,” Kelly said of Shurmur. “Very well thought-out. Very detail oriented. It was just a good fit. … He’s been fantastic.”

Clearly “fits” are important to Kelly.