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Winners of the Super Bowl ad-fest and day after are …

OK, so Maria Menounos has gumption. Lots of gumption.

She is a huge Patriots fan, and she bet that if the Giants won she’d do her show Extra outside in New York City wearing a Giants bikini. She lucked out — the temperature was about 50. But then again, doing a TV show in boots and a bikini in that kind of weather takes some kind of courage. And is being some kind of good sport. It’s the reason she has become the up-for-debate unofficial woman/babe of this blog.

Of course the bet had it that she had to “bare all” while her co-host, Giants fan A.J. Calloway, would have to wear a Patriots cheerleader outfit if New England won. This does not seem equitable.

Perhaps she needs an agent.

As for the ads, there was one clear winner that night, and longtime readers will recognize who it was. She appeared not once, but twice on Super Bowl night. Really, Adriana Lima had a better night than anyone this side of Eli Manning.

The ad offended the sensibilities of some, but at the same time the flowers are so beautiful.

At some point, this blog will soon head back to sports. Colt McCoy anyone?