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Random music … just for the heck of it

For your weekend entertainment, something we all probably need to see

For your weekend entertainment, happy 50th anniversary

Still remember being at the Stones press conference the year they played the Super Bowl, when Mick Jagger said things had reached a point where the NFL could accept the Stones and the Stones could appear with the NFL while “stayed true to their core values.”

The last question went to Keith Richards. It’s been said, he was asked, that the only two things that would survive a nuclear holocaust would be him and the roaches. How are you gonna survive?

“I’m gonna eat ‘em,” Richards blared into the microphone.

At that point Jagger smiled, shrugged and walked off the stage.

For your weekend entertainment — Cleveland’s own …

For your weekend entertainment … with a special surprise appearance …

Never get enough of the Rat Pack — check the special guest singing appearance in the first one.

For your weekend entertainment

Just watched the movie Omagh last night (a movie I’d highly recommend), and in googling Omagh found this by U2 … which of course always leads to others by the Hall of Fame band.

For your weekend entertainment …

Presenting, from Belfast, Ireland … Van Morrison …


And of course, this has the classic ending with Van just throwing down the mic and walking away from The Band …


For your weekend entertainment — a band on the bucket list to see

Midweek entertainment: Bruce honors Levon Helm at a show in New Jersey

For your weekend entertainment … as my nephew said, take a load off Levon, rest easy


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